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RG-08.33, A Psychological Radio Offence against Germany, preparatory narrative, ca 1941 | NCP-LA

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RG-08.33, A Psychological Radio Offence against Germany, preparatory narrative, ca 1941 (PDF Document, 3.44 MB)
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RG-08.33, A Psychological Radio Offence against Germany, preparatory narrative, ca 1941
ca 1941
Found in:
An average German citizen is already fixated on Hitler, Simmel, 1941
An example of honorable Austrian officer who dared protect a Jew after the German invasion of Vienna
Arrogance in replacing the traditional German greeting Gruess Gott by  Heil Hitler, Dr. Simmel
Austrian officer to a Jewish gentleman, please accept my apologies in the name of German people
Documents from the NCP-LA Archive
Documents from the NCP Archive, Dr. Ernest Simmel
Dr. Simmel, aggressive-destructive energies has been stirred up in the minds of German people
Dr. Simmel, Antisemitism is a powerful instrument in Nazi propaganda, discourse
Dr. Simmel, it is well-calculated idea of Hitler to give  Pax Germanica the name of The New Order
Dr. Simmel, Psychological broadcasts, music by Mendelsohn should be played
Dr. Simmel, Psychological broadcasts, poems like Heine should be recited
Dr. Simmel, Psychological Broadcasts, quotations from Lessing, Fichte, Kant should be given
Dr. Simmel, Psychological Broadcasts, Schiller, "Wilhelm Tell", overthrow of the tyrant
Dr. Simmel, Psychological Broadcasts, the great German dramatist Schiller should be well represented
Dr. Simmel, Psychological Offensive, discourse and connotation
Dr. Simmel, Revealing deceptive Nazi ideology in personal discourse
Dr. Simmel, Roosevelt-Churchill program could not be suitable to arouse a rebel passion in Germans
Dr. Simmel, scientific works
Dr. Simmel, the German people did not make the right use of Democracy thus failing Republican regime
Dr. Simmel, the most effective psychological weapon of Hitler is antisemitism, discourse
Dr. Simmel, the yellow star is not a defamation of the Jews, it is the defamation of Germany
Dr. Simmel, to eradicate Hitler's antithesis that America is governed by Jews, discourse
Every German who sees a yellow star on the sleeve of a Jewish fellow-man should be ashamed, Simmel
Everyone who sees a yellow star should if only in his heart apologize in the name of German people
For Germans the abstract terms of Peace and Democracy have had a negative connotation up to present
German Democracy strove against fascism but found no support from the great powers, Simmel
Hitler isolated every individual emotionally by inducing him to distrust his neighbors and friends
If the Republican regime has failed in Germany, it was not because Democracy failed, Simmel
In short psychotherapy we bring them active help to change unsatisfactory reality, Simmel
In short psychotherapy we help patients not only to recognize reality but support him externally
Jews within Germany  can always be blamed when external enemies gain in victories or prestige
Nazi fiction of International Jewry as inimical to the German race, Nazi psychological warfare
Nazis misuse the inhibitory effect that symbols exert on the intellectual capacity of judging
Nazi speakers obeyed the orders of their commanders, typology of Nazi ideology, Simmel
No American broadcaster need feel ashamed of sympathizing with the German Jews persecuted by Hitler
Normality, described in psychoanalytic terms, signifies that the Ego is capable of testing reality
Normality, in psychoanalytic terms, infers ability of ego to test reality and act accordingly Simmel
Our intention is to take away the German people transference to Hitler and attach it to us, Simmel
Panic is a mental condition brought about by a situation of helplessness, Simmel
Peace after  war is possible if relations between nations are regulated by International Parliament
Psychological broadcasts, delusion of Fata Morgana -- a Greater Germany, Simmel
Psychological broadcasts, Germans against Germans, Dr. Simmel
Psychological broadcasts, Hitler considers Germany a part of his own Ego, Dr. Simmel
Psychological broadcasts, Hitler is the representative of the old order, the policy of disaster
Psychological broadcasts, Hitler jeopardizes the very existence of Germany, Dr. Simmel
Psychological broadcasts, the errors committed by other countries created a desperate situation
Psychological offensive on Germany must be unconcealed and open attempt to contact public opinion
Psychological offensive on Germany shall not be disguised, Simmel
Psychological warfare, radio broadcasts in German, Dr. Simmel, 1941
Psychological warfare is to disintegrate the individual mental system and hinder collective action
The broadcaster must claim for himself the place within the superego of the Germans, Simmel
The message for dissenters in Germany, we fight for their as well as for our own liberty, Simmel
The message to the dissenters in Germany is our encouragement, Psychological warfare, Simmel
The parent who provides security gives love and receives love in return, Dr. Simmel
The problem of antisemitism to be used by broadcasters to re-erect a civilized super ego in Germans
The prohibition to speak, i.e. verbalize feelings must have led retroactively to inhibition to think
The purpose of psychological warfare is to demoralize Home Front, Dr. Simmel
The second category of listeners are those who suffer from the Nazi regime but have no clear concept
The Superego of the Germans had been usurped by Hitler, Simmel
The terror, a cowardly attack of several armed individuals on a single unarmed one, Dr. Simmel
The terror creates artificial loyalty arising from fear, Dr. Simmel
The terror is the most despicable of all weapons, Dr. Simmel
We have to show that the first ruthless German psychological offensive was launched against Germans

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